Sunday, August 19, 2012

MESSAGING: TV-Reklame, Fitness World, Elevator

The relationship between image and the spoken word is one in which each influences the context of the larger overall meaning.

...Remove the image, you have only the word to work from.

...Remove the words (as in this example in which the language may not be in your grab bag of skills) and your left with the moving image.

So are you moved? Or are you feeling far removed from understanding the message's ultimate meaning?

You decide.

Let us know in the comments below.
Source: TV-reklame for Fitness World.
Kører på nationalt TV fra 25. december 2009.
Via Flickr:


  1. For me, this illustrates how much facial and body expressions can convey ineffable volumes.

    1. I agree, LJ! It's funny - in daily life we tend to forget non-verbal communication. Seemingly an equal to digestion, NVC is almost autonomic, working for many on an unconscious level alone. For others, it's powerful and more deliberate.

      Worth noting: We might debate semantics we rarely casually discuss the meaning of our body position, facial micro-expressions, or the moment when our body moves off-rhythm when we are in the middle of crowd (aka: flocking systems).

      But a simple chat involving heated emotions (as in between two lovers) - becomes a flurry of : "Don't roll your eyes at me", or "don't walk away from me" or any phrased version of the "silent treatment."

      Lady Jane: Thank you so much for adding to the conversation! I look forward to hearing more from you as more posts follow! :)

      PS: ...must-mention your use of the word "ineffable" - FYI, voted my favorite word of 1996 and 2012! Thanks for the reminder! :)


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